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Having clients means serving them, the best you can. Being a client means accepting only the best, from those who serve you.

The relationship between a service provider and a client is unique for the most part. Each individual in such relationships has a set of expectations that are geared towards their interests. As a client; what should you be looking for in a tech company, and why is it important?

First [1]: Transparency

It goes without saying that your tech service provider has quite a lot, if not all of your data. This is inevitable. There is no doubt that they shall be handling all this data in one way or another. Question then: How do they handle it? Do they share it with anyone else? You need to make sure that your tech service provider is transparent and forthcoming with information when you question them. You need a tech company you can trust.

How can you know if a tech company is transparent? Well, this is a bit tricky however, you can start with questions about simple enough things or procedures. If they don’t give you a satisfying answer or refuse to divulge some information, something is definitely out of place.

Second [2]: Convenience

The issue of convenience is significant because it enables you to work in comfort. Consider, you need an upgrade to your system and you need it pronto! Is the tech company able to offer the upgrade effectively within a reasonable time frame? Will they be there to support you through the new system learning curve?

If the tech company offers you convenience, they are most likely the right one for you. Tech companies need to exist and interact with your business over the long term, helping you solve problems you encounter, soonest possible. That is convenience.

Third [3]: Competence

Another quite important point is the competence of your potential tech service provider. How well are they able to solve the problems that you have? Can they offer logical and simplified solutions to the inconvenience you are facing…

A tech company should offer you solutions without compromise on quality. For technology, the terms ‘impossible‘ exists NOT. Each tech company should be competent enough to offer a system (or app) that solves your problem as you anticipate or a reasonable alternative. Of course, these solutions should be availed in very simple ways; first, an oral explanation, then a system (or app).

If a tech company can orally explain a solution to your problems in a way you can easily understand, then they very likely have the ability to produce a competent software solution for you.

Fourth [4]: Consistency

For tech service providers, consistency in support and offering of solutions is very important. You want a service provider you can reach quickly and consistently. If you ever come by a tech problem that is quite frustrating, and you cannot get a hold of your tech service provider to help you out you are likely to feel at a loss. This will definitely affect your business results negatively.

When looking for a tech service provider, make sure you can easily reach them, not only their physical office location. The consistency in scope here is their ability to listen to you and avail themselves to you when you need them.

If you want to know how you can have a tech service provider with such qualities, check their payment models. If you pay them on a monthly basis, they are most likely going to be there when you need them.

Fifth [5]: Partnership

Will the tech company be open to ideas, implementing systems in a fashion that suites you best? Are they conscious of your timelines and vision(s)? A tech company needs to be very aware of the aforementioned factors. This will enable them to act as a partner in your growth, offering solutions to your problems and enhancing overall efficiency in you business operations.

How would you know if a tech company would act as a partner? You shall have to gauge them. Check if they intend to be there in the long term or short term. Question on how they shall solve your current tech shortcomings. If you rhyme, then that tech company is very likely to growth with you all through.

With those points, you are now equipped to make a proper decision next time you consider contracting a tech company to handle your needs.

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