Ever wonder how computers run for days, no… months on end without ever giving up? That persistence, the continued production of results without pausing. Perhaps it seems a bit awkward because you shut down your computer, or phone once in a while but as you read this article, remember the computer (server) it is hosted on, hasn’t shutdown for days. So, how do they do it and how can we as human being benefit from learning it?

For computers, this all boils down to design. The clever engineering of various many different parts. If you have ever looked into your computer; crank it open I mean, you should have seen these many different parts. These parts include the motherboard, the RAM, the Hard Disk, the CPU and so forth.

Over the years, several different companies have specialized in the production of specific parts. For example, computer CPU’s are mostly made of crystalline Silicon, acquired from common sand. Yes, you got that right, sand. One of the most popular producers of CPU’s is INTEL Corp, and if you have a desktop or laptop, it most probably has their CPU.

These parts are then assembled by manufacturers and shipped as a single component. It means then that each product in a computer is refined to perfection by specialists; Conglomerates that have over time researched and continue to research on the best way to engineer these specific components. Not a single computer manufacturer produces all their computer components.

From manufacture, the next big step is assembly. Again, specialized fellows or robotics connect one piece to another until a computer comes to form and from there, shipping and installation is the only remaining bit. Save for complex systems, once a computer is shipped it’s normally ready for use right out of the box.

With such meticulous crafting, assembly and shipping, it is hard for any computer to malfunction under the right conditions. It is safe to say that the life of a computer is scripted.

Humans are different however and it cannot hurt to learn a thing or two from our very own creation. Case in point being how we handle the manufacture of these computers and how that gives us consistency -> the illusion that computers never give up. Though an illusion in computers, for human beings its a reality.

Specialize, Carefully Execute your plan and Deliver it to the right audience, in the right way without ever giving up. In time, continued consistency shall result in success.

Courtesy: Patience W. (Marketing Agent: CLY Technologies)

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