JAVA: Why we Use it for Software Development

For any business of the 21st Century, computing is a fundamental requirement for success. Computers have allowed the development of businesses management beyond what they could achieve using traditional medium of management. Computers by themselves however, do not mean proper management. No. The enabler of business progress in the 21st century is Computer software.

Computer software, customized for your particular business departmental needs enables progress. It allows for steady business growth. To acquire such software, a business-person procures a computer software programmer for development purposes. At this point, crucial as it it; the importance of getting the proper developer cannot be overlooked. But that is not all…

Most of the times; as business managers, we hardly concern ourselves with the specifics of software we pay for. This is a pitfall that most busines managers fall into. We simply adopt what the developer tells us. This is not wrong, and for most cases the developers are experienced with objective decision making. Some times though, as some of you reading this article might have experienced; the development process is not smooth at all. But why is this the case?

Most of the time, issues arise from the developer as a person. Some of the time, the problem lies with the core programming language used to build your software. This matters a lot especially when factors such as as scalability, maintenance and overall performance come in scope. The programming language meet your expectations, or it can break ’em.

At CLYTECH, we appreciate the availability of so many such languages. We learn and use them is specific areas but in this article, we shall shed light on why we prefer, use and recommend Java for building your business and enterprise applications.

No 1: Platform Independence

Consider a scenario where you require software developed for you to run on computers running different operating systems. If any other language was to be used, you would have to pay more than is necessary just to have the final working software. With Java however, one the programming is done, the software can run on virtually any computer you can think of; from Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, Fedora and may more. Java being Platform independent means cost efficiency.

No 2: Security

Tech savvy people will always find a way to break security protocols implemented anywhere; given time and resources. I bet you have heard of hacking, and not once. Java has been praised over the decades for its security compared to other languages. In the mid 1990’s for example, JAVA game as able to compete with the then behemoths; C & C++ because it was able to get rid of manual memory allocations. This reputation has not faltered since then. It is not to mean that JAVA apps are invulnerable, it’s simply a statement to emphasise of its security comparatively.

No 3: Java is Everywhere

Mobile, Desktop and basically any computerised devise you can conjure. If it is computerised, it most likely does support Java. And why is this useful? One reason – guaranteed long term support. No one wants to have some piece of asset in 2020 only to realise how useless it is come 2021. Java has been in commercial use for over 20 years and will be around for many more. This guarantee is not the only pro, nope.

Next time you need software, consider asking about the specifics & embrace Java.

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