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Is it that easy; bypassing a Windows 10 password?

There is no shortage of articles describing how possible and straightforward it is to bypass “crack” windows password all the way from Windows XP, through 7 to 10. This is of course facilitated by the fact that Windows is the most popular operating system for computers and, computers are a requirement in this day and age.

Highlighting this as an oversight by Microsoft would be ignorance. The availability of this, and many more security vulnerabilities is tied to the ingenuity of the tech community around the world. As new products are released, capable persons continually work to find vulnerabilities. They then expose them to ensure that the companies responsible keep tabs and improve on their security.

In all, this is a way to improve on the overall security of computer systems and the data that they house. Data that may include your financial records, private communication logs, academic documents and so forth. This article is written to ensure that you are able to protect your data in case you loose your computer or someone has unauthorized physical access to your computer.

First off; why is it so easy to bypass the Windows lock screen password?

The answer to that question is actually straight forward; it is because of how the Windows Operating System is designed. Because of that very design tech savvy people are able to gain access to functions that would (should) otherwise be inaccessible. With that, they are able to modify system files and even execute tasks as high privilege (administrator) users!

Secondly: is there a demonstration on how this can be done?

Yes there is (are) a demonstration of how hacking can be done with the intention of bypassing Windows passwords. There are a variety of ways to achieve this; and there are numerous tutorials on YouTube as well as other websites. One of the simplest ways to bypass windows passwords is using a tool called Trinity Rescue Kit… works like magic.

Naturally, you would want to gravitate your thoughts towards protecting yourself from this vulnerability. I shall reiterate what I had mentioned on the earlier: encryption is the way to achieve the kind of protection you need.

Windows and most other mainstream Operating Systems come with the option to encrypt data thereby protecting it in case of loss or theft. I shall not go through the whole process of encryption; that would require a full article on its own. Microsoft however have explained the whole process in detail.

In conclusion, it is important to note that for an unencrypted device, a felon would only need less than five minutes to have full access to your data, 5 minutes.

Be safe, practice encryption.

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